Gyotakuso Suzukiya


An inn with delicious cuisine in Minamiboso.



A thriving fishing town with an abundance of delicious cuisine.

An inn with delicious cuisine in Minamiboso.
An inn with delicious cuisine in Minamiboso.

Chikura, which long flourished as Minamiboso’s largest fishing port, was a thriving fishing town bustling with all sorts of people connected with the sea. There were fishermen who risked the tempestuous waters of the Kuroshio Current to catch only the freshest fish; female divers who dived down to great depths without breathing equipment to collect abalone and turban shells; and merchants who came here to buy these fresh ingredients…
The inn where these people often stayed is located right here. Its name is Gyotakuso Suzukiya. As an inn holding grand fish-laden banquets celebrating a bountiful catch and expressing gratitude for safe fishing, this was a place of rest for travel-weary merchants. The inn has continued in the same vein for more than one hundred years.

Offering hospitality through Minamiboso-style
Japanese cuisine lovingly prepared with plenty of fresh fish.

The secret behind fishermen’s cuisine is the use of only the freshest seasonal fish, making the most of their rich flavors to produce exciting dishes. We provide meals created using prized traditional recipes from local fishermen and divers. At Gyotakuso, you can take your meals in our private banquet rooms or in your own room, so you can relax and enjoy every bite in total privacy.

  • Relaxing guest rooms reminiscent of a country home of old.

    Pass through hallways steeped in a rustic mood unique to a long-established inn. Reach the door to your room and prepare to step back in time to old Japan. You will not find any grandeur here. We hope you will feel right at home and ready to unwind in a tranquil setting.

  • Fragrance of Showa-period Japan. Stretch out your legs, close your eyes and soak in our cozy baths.

    Baths provide weary travelers with much-needed rest. We have two modestly sized baths that are alternated between male and female guests. Stretch out your legs, close your eyes and let the warm water envelop your tired body.


●16 guest rooms (capacity 65 guests) ●Indoor baths “Iwa no Yu” and “Ishi no Yu” (Baths alternated between men and women. *In some cases, baths are not alternated between men and women.) ●Gyotaku Lounge ●Banquet halls (large, medium and small) ●Shop